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Past Event – Happy Memorial Day

By May 25, 2024May 31st, 2024No Comments

05-27-24 The good thing about the extra day this long weekend is that you remember those that made the celebrations possible. What better way than to celebrate with family and friends over a backyard barbecue. Maybe you are going away. Whatever you do, the Executive VIP team are just a device away!
What’s more, Slot winnings are doing their bit, sitting on Multi Millions for May now.

Speaking of winnings, Small Soldiers must be the perfect Slot, (And it is in the TOP winnings list), to theme your play and still stand a chance to win more.

But maybe this special weekend brings you luck during the 16th Cash Semi-Final Draw on Saturday. In case you don’t know, every $30 deposit since 11 March 2024 has, and is still, earning you 1 extra ticket every time. And yes, that Bronco Sport is now just 13 Draws away.

And of course, you need a long weekend goodie to bring some extra fun, find yours at any of our partner casinos this weekend.

Happy Memorial long weekend,

form The Executive VIP Program Team