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What can I expect as  an Executive VIP Program Player?

Recognition dictates personalized tailormade offerings and benefits to suit you, the individual. Contact the Executive VIP team for information.

Personal Birthday Gifts

We care about birthdays, it’s our prime priority! We’ll have a bag full of birthday surprises waiting for you on your special day ranging from generous birthday bonuses, to getting your age worth’s of Free Spins, exclusively personalized gifts, as well as incredible prizes in our monthly birthday draws. We will be in touch with you personally to ensure that there is no reason not to have a fantastic birthday!

Sneak Preview and Exclusively Early Access to New Games

Before anyone else, you’ll get privileged access to new releases where your feedback could influences future game developments, as well as allow for changes to existing games. Respondents are also entered into Lucky Draws to stand a chance to win rewarding prizes.

Exclusive Events and Invitations to Roadshows

Get to meet your Executive VIP Head in person at a venue of your choice. We indulge our valued VIP players with exciting events designed exclusively for them. Expect an experience of utmost luxury, whether it’s an opulent city break at a stylish 5Star hotel, an exotic 5Star getaway, or an upmarket dinner/lunch. Alternatively, if you prefer something more lowkey and less lavish, and want your VIP Host to visit you in your hometown, they will gladly do so! It’s your choice.

VIP Promotions – You always receive more!

Your exclusive VIP treatment also includes not only direct access to both the Casino Manager and the VIP Host Team, but also information and feedback on our VIP weekly promotions which are tailored for specific individuals.  Your opinion matters, chat to us, and we’ll strive to accommodate your requests.

Extensions on our generous and varied rewards can be arranged.

It’s our Date

Reserve Saturday and be entertained by your Executive VIP Hosts, who will ensure that there will always be surprises to Treat & Delight you between 2pm and 12pm EDT/EST.

Personalized Banking Attention

Increased card limits for credit/debit cards can also be granted. We are continuously exploring new and innovative possibilities to make your depositing more streamlined. Contact us for the right solutions to suit you!

VIP Live Draws

Win Gift baskets, memorabilia, Amazon, Dinner & Starbucks gift vouchers, as well as weekend getaways.

Rewarding Incentives

Deposits earns rewards. Wagering increase loyalty points. Bonuses, match offerings and Free Spin allocation boosts your playetime. Increased Elevated playtime = increased wagering which in turn has a direct impact on Top Leaderboard positioning. The conclusion is that bonussing has a direct cash value impact converted to Draw and LeaderBoard winnings.

  • Daily personalised matches
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus money


Access to exclusive Leaderboard competitions. All you have to do is have fun and win, we take care of the pre-registration.