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Gateway to Summer

I trust you are falling into the “gateway to summer” month with a bang! To put it differently, hopefully June will be your “gateway to winnings this month! On this Thursday the 6th of June, Slot winnings are now crossing the million dollars mark.

Having a peak at 6th June National Days, National yo-yo day is today. (can you believe yo-yo’s have been around 2000 years). Also, National Apple sauce day! (all of us with a sweet tooth can appreciate that one.

But then your favorite Slot games are a lot more fun than yo-yo’s and winnings can be a lot sweeter than Apple sauce. Don’t you agree?

Summer is about 2 weeks away, setting the temperature high for semi–Final Cash Draw 20 on Saturday 8 June. After Saturday only 8 draws to go before the Ford Branco Sport finds its own winner! Oh, and lest I forget, just like the celebration of Mother figures in May painted the month in positive winning colors, we have our celebration of Father figures the week prior to Father’s Day.

I cannot think of a more pleasant month. Wishing you a fantastic Thursday and rest of the week.


Hein from the Executive VIP Team