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3 Draws to Go!

By June 27, 2024June 28th, 2024No Comments

28 June 2024 – Summer is smashing the June Slots Winning Margin numbers! In case you do want to strategize about the hottest games before the end of June here they are: Big Game, Golden Wolf, Chakras, Small Soldiers and Wild Archer.

It seems you like it when I select themed games for you to have some fun. So, for Summer why not hot up the reels with Easy Money, Bananas Wild, Floral Fortunes, Fairy Dust Forest and Show me the Honey.

It’s a summer party here at Executive VIP Program. Yesterday was semi final cash Draw 25. The lucky winner is kitty2011 In between all this activity is the promotions team preparing for the Grand Finale Draw just 3 Draws away! That sparkling Ford Branco Sport is exuding mystery, which will only be fulfilled when the winning ticket gets announced on 6 July 2024. Whether you have 1 or more tickets you have a chance! Go ask the winners of the previous 13 cars.

If you are the winner, please promise me you will allow us to use your real details. Out of the 13 previous winners only Derek Milroy allowed us to use his real name. Of course, it is perfectly understandable if you prefer “alias” as everyone else does. The other choice that you will have to make if you are the lucky ticket holder, is whether you would want the Bronco or the Cash. It seems like until now the cash has been the winner.

Best Thursday!