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The part about Bitcoin that might surprise you…

Remember: Bitcoin is just another deposit method, you still play and win in cash. It is converted at time of the deposit from Bitcoin into your sign-up currency. So you’re not exposed to price volatility.

Bitcoin is a more reliable deposit method and has less hassles than other depositing methods like Credit cards. In fact, the acceptance rate is 100%.

Unless playing at a crypto casino, everything after your deposit works just the same in your chosen currency as if you’d deposited with a credit card.

Your deposit is converted at the time of deposit into your sign up currency for you to play. So you’re not exposed to the risk of Bitcoin price volatility.

To use Bitcoin to deposit you need to have a Bitcoin wallet with Bitcoin in which you can send to the casino cashier.

It really is that simple, just three steps to never having deposit issues again. Plus it’s private (banks and other institutions cannot monitor your transactions), Secure and safe.

3 steps to deposit bliss:

Open a Bitcoin wallet (It may also be called a Crypto Wallet, Bitcoin is just one of many available crypto currencies.)
There are various trusted and safe providers of Bitcoin wallets (think of them like a bank, but without the fees or prying eyes.), try any one of these or any other you trust:,,

Buy some Bitcoin.
Each wallet will have a different procedure to let you buy Bitcoin. With just about all of them you can use any credit or debit card to buy Bitcoin quickly and easily.

Deposit with Bitcoin at the Cashier for a 100% acceptance rate.
Simply use the unique and secure address (a very long string of characters made of numbers, letters and symbols) provided to you by the cashier to send your chosen amount of Bitcoin to.

…And Shazaam, welcome to the future of no fuss deposits!

You’ll also be able to use your Bitcoin wallet for many other things too. More and more places are starting to accept it as payment.